If you have never been to San Miguel de Allende, you are missing out! This colonial-era city is dazzling with it’s cobblestones streets, colorful houses, beautiful principal plaza (called El Jardin), a stunning neo-Gothic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel (church)  and stores filled with unique Mexican handicrafts.

I visited this wonderful city with my father and sister on a week long trip around central Mexico. When we first arrived to San Miguel Allende we stopped at the mirador. From there you are able to admire this splendid city. This is the perfect place to take a panoramic picture of the whole city and it’s landscape.


After we finished taking pictures of the city we headed to Fabrica La Aurora. This was an old textile factory and has now been re-purposed with different art galleries. A beautiful place to visit, with many different artists’ work. We had a great time wandering from gallery to gallery. There is a cafe where you can grab a quick bite and a delicious cafe.

Once we finished walking around  Fabrica La Aurora we headed to the principal plaza of San Miguel de Allende (called El Jardin). All round the plaza you will see restaurants, bars and stores. Right in front of El Jardin you will see the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel. The Parroquia has stunning architecture and beautiful altars.  It is a Gothic church made of rose canter. The construction is breathtaking and at night it also looks very impressive. Inside the Parroquia you will find a small chapel called Capilla del Santisimo.

Right next to the Parroquia there is a church called Iglesia San Rafael or Santa Esquela.

There are also other churches near the plaza and we visited two of them. The first church that we visited was Templo de Inmaculada Concepcion de las Monjas. Right outside this church you will see an ice cream stand.  The stand sells many different types of delicious ice cream. My favorite flavor is cajeta, made of sweetened caramelized goat’s milk. (As I type this I am craving and missing the cajeta ice cream.)

The other church that we also visited was the Templo de San Francisco. The facade is pure Churrigueresque with stone figures and fine columns. There is a beautiful plaza in front of the church bustling with activity people also sit on the benches to relax enjoy the day.

We had dinner at La Terraza, it is a restaurant located next to La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel. I think that this place is good if you want to have a drink while relaxing watching the people walk around El Jardin. However,  the service was very slow and the food was poor.

We spend the rest of the day walking around the cobblestones streets of the city while visiting different stores. We also took lots of pictures of indigenous ladies making beautiful flower headbands.

I highly recommend that you visit this wonderful colonial city. There are a lot of things to do and you can also just choose to relax all day sitting on the benches of El Jardin while admiring the different activities going on.

Have you ever been to San Miguel de Allende? If yes, what other places do you recommend?



Cuernavaca is know as the “The City of the Eternal Spring” because the temperature is always around 70 degrees. It is an hour drive away from Mexico City. The city is very modern but as you walk through the streets you will see many colorful colonial houses and buildings. There are also many beautiful gardens all throughout the city.


We visited this beautiful place on our way to Taxco. On our brief stop we walked through the Zocalo of Cuernavaca, saw the Palace of Hernan Cortes, and visited the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Cuernavaca

This cathedral is unique in that it does not face the city’s main square like  many cathedrals in Mexico do. Instead, it is located just to the south of the city in its own sealed space. The walls inside the cathedral contain seventeenth century paintings.

 The Palace of Hernan Cortes

This was the former home of Hernan Cortes. It is now the Cauhnáhuac Museum and preserves the state’s history.


The Zocalo of Cuernava

Walking through the Zocalo of Cuernavaca you will see a a lot of street vendors selling delicious snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

Have you visited Cuernavaca? If yes, what other places do you recommend? If no, what are you waiting for? Go now.


Ireland is such an amazing country and the Irish are just some of the friendliest people on Earth. Ireland is a beautiful island that is politically divided into two separate sections. The southern part of the island is the Republic of Ireland (officially also named Ireland). The northern part of the island is part of the United Kingdom and it is called Northern Ireland.  Now I know why the whole island is called the Emerald Isle or the Land of the Green! The stunning scenery left me breathless and I want to share what I think are must see places. This list will include places in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I hope ya’ll enjoy!


Political map of Ireland, showing the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

1) Giant’s Causeway – The scenic view of the Northern Coast is one of the most amazing views you will ever see. The hexagonal rock formations are very unique and you won’t see something like this anywhere else in the world. I loved hiking through the trails and the view of the coast is priceless!

2) Dunluce Castle – The castle is located at the edge of the north Antrim coastline, which gives it a very dramatic feeling and view. This castle has the best view of the northern coast! This has been one of favorite castles that I visited because the view left me speechless. No words can describe how amazing the landscape looked from here.

3) Take a tour of Belfast’s Murals – These murals were painted by Catholics (Nationalist) and Protestants (Unionist). You will learn a lot about the history of Belfast and view the colorful murals of this vibrant city. If you are planning on visiting Belfast take a look at my post of the Top Things to Do in Belfast.

4) Carrickfergus Castle – This castle is located in the town of Carrickfergus. It is a beautiful and well preserved castle. There are cannons from the 17th to the 19th century. I had a great time because there is a lot to explore and the view over the water is stunning.


5) High Crosses of Monasterboice –  You will see a cemetery, round tower, churches and high crosses.The monks used these crosses to educate people a long time ago about the gospel of God. This was my first time seeing high crosses and I was amazed at how beautiful they were carved.

6) Holy Cross Abbey – The abbey is charming. The church of the abbey is very lovely because the stained windows are colorful and attractive. It’s worth the trip for the beautiful countryside, the history of the abbey, and the tranquil setting.

7) Cliff of Moher – This place is breathtaking, words cannot describe the beautiful landscape of the cliffs. You cannot miss this place when you travel to Ireland. You can climb to the top of a little tower to get a better view of the cliffs. The day that we went to the Cliffs of Moher it was very windy, misty, and cold so I recommend that you take warm and comfortable clothes.

8) Dublin – I really enjoyed Dublin and I want to go back there soon. This city has a lot to offer and the Irish people are very friendly and sweet. In the two days that we spent there we visited an old prison, walked through the streets while admiring the colorful doors, and I visited Saints Patrick’s Cathedral. We spent a whole night watching river dancing and listening to Irish music at the different pubs of Temple Bar and had some of the best Fish & Chips at Leo Burdock.

Have you been to Ireland or Northern Ireland? If yes, what were some of your favorite places that you visited? If no, what places would you like to visit?


After exploring the Monastery of Clonmacnoise we headed to the town of Cashel, which is a really nice town to visit in Ireland on the county of Tipperary. We stayed one night at the Baileys Hotel, it is a beautifully Georgian building ideally situated in the heart of Cashel.

The Rock of Cashel

This town is very well known because of The Rock of Cashel, it was the seat of the High Kings of Munster. Most of the buildings of the current site date from the 12th and 13th centuries. One of the High Kings of Munster donated the rock to the Catholic Church. The site is very historical and unique since the church is located on the top of a hill it overlooks the whole town of Cashel. There are a number of high crosses on the graveyard that surrounds the building. On the day that we visited The Rock of Cashel the temperature was very cold and it was windy. To top it off it started to rain on our guided tour so we decided to walk down the hill to the Bru Boru Centre, where we had a delicious traditional Irish lunch.

Cahir Castle

After lunch we headed to Cahir Castle. The castle was pretty amazing because it is well preserve and one of the largest ones in Ireland. The Castle is on a very lovely setting on the water. It had a lot of stairs and towers that you needed to climb up, so it looked exactly like a castle from a movie. I felt like a princess! We also saw a few cells where they used to lock up people. It was a little scary to see them since they were very dark and small.

Swiss Cottage

After finishing our tour in the castle we headed to the Swiss Cottage. The Swiss Cottage was truly a highlight of my day because it was is very unique and kind of peculiar to see something like this in Ireland.  The cottage is located on an elevated site with access by a path with stone steps. The interior of the cottage is marvelous since it has a graceful spiral staircase and the rooms are decorated very elegantly.

Swiss CottageSwiss CottageSwiss Cottage


As we left Northern Ireland and traveled back to the Republic of Ireland we stopped at the monastery of Clonmacnoise. The monastery is very pretty and the landscape is spectacular since its right next to the Shannon river. I found a little pathway that takes you to the river while I was taking pictures of the monastery. It was very peaceful to walk along the riverbank because the view was breathtaking. Everything around me was very green and lush.

The monastery has a center where you can see different exhibits describing the history of Clonmacnoise and the area. I learned that the strategic location of the monastery helped it become a major center of religion, learning, and craftsmanship. Moreover, many of the high kings of Tara were buried here. There is also an original stone cross inside the center. We watched a documentary in the theater that talked about the history of the monastery and how people used to live there before.

High Cross

High Cross

After leaving the monastery, we headed to the town of Cashel, where we stayed for two days. There will be more information about the town of Cashel on my upcoming post.


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Botanic Gardens

I loved exploring the Botanic Gardens because they were very peaceful and beautiful. We walked all throughout the gardens and took lots of pictures.  If you love roses, I recommend that you visit the rose garden. The roses are really big, plump, and they smell lovely.


It is highly recommended that you take a tour of the Belfast Murals painted by Catholics (Nationalist) and Protestants (Unionist). You will learn a lot about the history of Belfast and view the colorful murals of the vibrant city.

Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Stormont is one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in Northern Ireland. The architect who designed this amazing building was knighted by none other than King George V. The building is 365 ft wide, which represents one foot for every day of the year. There are six floors and six pillars at the entrance to represent each county in Northern Ireland. Moreover, in Stormont, the highlight of my day was meeting with Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. He was very humble and I loved that he took time to meet with us.

St. George’s Market

If you are visiting Belfast you need to go to the St. George’s Market because it is one of the best markets in the UK and Ireland.  When we first arrived at the market, many shops were just opening so we just walked around. We all had a crepe and we got to see how they made it right in front of us. We also bought a cup of tea and it was all very delicious! I saw a lot of pretty and unique jewelry and I even bought some for myself. It was a really awesome experience to go into the market because it was full of culture.

The Titanic Belfast Museum

Did you know that Belfast was the birthplace of the Titanic? The Titanic museum is a very modern and innovative museum and it opened in March, 2012. The museum has hands-on displays, underwater exploration theater and re-created decks/cabins. My favorite part was when we rode a little cart inside the museum that took us around while while showing us how the Titanic was built. Everything inside the museum was very impressive! I also enjoyed seeing the distinctive rooms and the different levels of the Titanic ship. I learned a lot of new facts about the Titanic that I didn’t know before. So, if you are a fan of the Titanic, this is a great museum to explore!

Belfast City Hall

You can take a free tour of Belfast City Hall. The inside of the building has a classical Renaissance design. You will notice that marble is used extensively all throughout the building and there are a lot of beautiful stained glass windows. This is a place you don’t want to miss to take stunning pictures!


There are two bars that I recommend in Belfast. The first one is The Botanic Inn (also known as the The Bot) because they are the biggest bar in Northern Ireland. Since this bar was very close to where we were staying at, we went there almost every single night and we always had a great time. Plus, the bottles from where they serve your drink are pretty cool!

The second bar that I recommend is Filthy Quarter. This place is really awesome because it has four different bars inside, so if you get bored of one bar all you have to do is walk right across into another new bar. These are the four different bars in the Filthy Quarter:

  • Filthy McNastys
  • The Secret Garden
  • Filthy Chic
  • The Gypsy Lounge

Do you have other recommendations of things to do in Belfast?



Close to Belfast are two different towns, Downpatrick and Newcastle. In Downpatrick, we visited the Down Cathedral and the St. Patrick Centre. The centre has an interactive exhibition where I learned that St. Patrick was a slave. After visiting the centre we went to the Down Cathedral, which stands on Cathedral Hill overlooking the town. It is believed that St. Patrick was buried near the cathedral.


After exploring Downpatrick, we headed out to Newcastle. The town is gorgeous because it is located right next to the sea and at the foot of Slieve Donard. When we first got into town my friends and I bought ice cream! Every ice cream that we tried in every little town in Northern Ireland was always delicious! After buying our ice cream we headed out to the beach. The tide was very low so the sea was pretty far away. We made our way closer to the sea. The sky looked clear and blue when we started to walk. Suddenly, when we were halfway down the beach the sky started to turn gray and it began to pour down. We all ran to get away from the rain but the more we ran the more we got wet. Finally, after a few minutes the sky cleared up again and the sun came up. It was pretty weird to see how fast the weather could change. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I still had an amazing time in Newcastle, it was a very pretty town to explore.