Travel to Dublin, Ireland

From the moment I stepped out from the plane I was pretty excited to finally be in Dublin. The capital of The Republic of Ireland, which is a very metropolitan place full of people and life. After the airport we went directly to the Buswell’s Hotel. At the hotel we had our first Irish tea and scones which we pretty delicious. The scones were a little hard but had a great taste. After our little breakfast we headed to Stephen’s Green, which is a really pretty park with beautiful trees and flowers. I had an amazing time taking pictures of the city and the park. What I noticed when we walked around the city was the amazing architecture of the buildings and the number of people walking on the streets.

After walking around the city, we headed to Trinity College to visit the Book of Kells and the library. We had a private tour with a guide that explained to us in great detail what the book contained and how the library came to be. The monks of Iona wrote the Book of Kells over 1,000 years ago. The book is also written in Latin and it contains the four gospels. The book was sent to Dublin for security reasons in 1653.

My favorite part in Trinity College was seeing the library because I love reading books and also because it reminded me of the movie Beauty and the Beast, which is one of my favorite movies. It was amazing to see such an amazing collection of books. The library has the largest collection of manuscripts and printed books in Ireland. The Old Library was built between 1712 and 1732 to the design of Thomas Burgh. I really loved seeing so many books and the beauty of the long room that had two floors filled with shelves of books. It was a dream come true to see it in person! 🙂

Finally, after a long day of visiting different parts of Dublin we had a really nice dinner at Gallaher’s. The food was very delicious! I ordered fish with crab butter and mashed potatoes and it’s been one of the best foods I have ever had.

There are so many things to do in this city. Our 2 days stay was not enough to discover everything. This city can be very modern, yet very historical at the same time. There are a lot of pretty parks to visit. The food is also very delicious! If you want to try some of the BEST fish and chips try Leo Burdock. If you want to experience a lively night go to Temple Bar, which is an is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey full of nighlife. You will get to see people performing river dancing in the bars and also signing Irish songs.

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar

More things to explore in Dublin:

Do you have other recommendations of things to do in Dublin?


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