Teotihuacán is an hour drive from Mexico City. It is such an amazing place and if you ever visit Mexico City do not miss it. Teotihuacán means “place where gods were born.” There are two pyramids one is called the Pyramid of the Sun and the other one the Pyramid of the Moon. This is a very special place to me because I used to visit this place pretty often when I lived in Mexico. I have a lot of amazing memories from this place. I celebrated my 9th birthday climbing the Pyramid of the Sun because it is believed that once you are on the top of the pyramid you are charge with positive energy.

On our way to the Pyramids we stopped in a little shop/restaurant where they talked to us about the famous Aztec alcoholic drink called “pulque,” a milky drink made from the sap of the agave plant. We even got to try a shot of it. The taste is very strong and sweet. You will just drink a shot of it just how you drink a shot of Tequila with lemon and salt. We also got to see Xoloitzcuintles, which are hairless dogs. They are native to Mexico and it is also Mexico’s national dog. Xoloitzcuintles were considered sacred dogs by the Aztecs because they believed the dogs could safely cross their masters’ souls safely through the underworld.

My mom, sister, and I decided to go visit Teotihuacán before flying back home. I would recommend going early because now it has become such a tourist attraction that it gets pretty crowded by the end of the day. Climbing the pyramids can be very steep, so make sure you take comfortable footwear.


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