Newgrange, Hill of Tara, and High Crosses of Monasterboice

As we left Dublin and on our way to Belfast we visited Newgrange, Hill of Tara, High Crosses of Monasterboice.


Newgrange was an delightful site. There is a museum that explains how Newgrange was built and why. I imagined the site a little different from what I saw in real life. We went inside the little cave and I was a bit disappointed to see that the sunlight did not illuminate the whole cave, just part of it. However, it was fascinating to see how the ancient people built it, because it was constructed in a very brilliant way. The view of the country is breathtaking since you can see the richness of the green landscape.

Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara was a impressive site to visit since it contains a number of ancient monuments where the High Kings were crowned. It was very interesting to see the Stone of Destiny in the middle of Tara.  I really thought we were going to see more ancient monuments at the Hill of Tara, but it was mostly just hills and caves.

High Crosses of Monasterboice

These crosses were really big and have stories of the bible in them. The monks used these crosses to educate people a long time ago about the gospel of God. There is also a tower and it is believed that it was constructed to protect the monks against attacks.


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