Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is the result of intense volcanic and geological activity. It provides a glimpse into Earth’s most ancient past, since it is a 60,000 million years old legacy of cooling and shrinking of successive lava flows. The reason why it’s called Giant’s Causeway is because it is believed that the mighty giant, Finn McCool, built it across the North Channel so that he could meet another giant that was challenging him to a fight. Many locals believe that this place has real magic.

I had a lot of fun visiting Giant’s Causeway because it was full of nature and beauty. The view was just one of the most amazing views I had ever seen. The rock formations, which are hexagonal, were very different from any rocks I had seen. I loved climbing the rocks and being so close to the ocean! The weather was perfect because it didn’t rain and we had a beautiful sunny day. We hiked along the cliff-top trail to get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful causeway coast.


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