Corrymeela Community and Ballycastle

Corrymeela Community

After we visited Giant’s Causeway we headed to Corrymeela Community, which is a Christian community whose objective is to advocate harmony and peace-building through the healing of religious, social, and political divisions in Northern Ireland.   When we arrived we were greeted by the volunteers of the Corrymeela Community, and all of them were very nice and warming.The site was stunning and what I love most about it was the view. Since Corrymeela is on the top of a hill, it has a magnificent view of the coast. I was able too see Scotland, since it is only 13 miles away! The rooms where we stayed at were pretty neat and modern. After, we had dinner and learned about the rules of the Corrymeela Community. We had a tour of the whole place and right after the tour we had a small talk with Reverend Harold Good, who is known as an internationally renowned peacemaker. He told us a little of his background story and how he was involved in the Peace Process of Northern Ireland. The following morning I went to explore the grounds of Corrymeela on my own. It was wonderful because I had time to reflect and admire the view. I went to sit on the bench by the cross and just savored the view in complete silence. I realized how wonderful this experience was and how lucky I was to be in Northern Ireland at the Corrymeela Community.


Later on in the day, we walked to Ballycastle, which is a very small town in Northern Ireland. As we walked there we admired the view of the northern coast and the countryside.


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