Close to Belfast are two different towns, Downpatrick and Newcastle. In Downpatrick, we visited the Down Cathedral and the St. Patrick Centre. The centre has an interactive exhibition where I learned that St. Patrick was a slave. After visiting the centre we went to the Down Cathedral, which stands on Cathedral Hill overlooking the town. It is believed that St. Patrick was buried near the cathedral.


After exploring Downpatrick, we headed out to Newcastle. The town is gorgeous because it is located right next to the sea and at the foot of Slieve Donard. When we first got into town my friends and I bought ice cream! Every ice cream that we tried in every little town in Northern Ireland was always delicious! After buying our ice cream we headed out to the beach. The tide was very low so the sea was pretty far away. We made our way closer to the sea. The sky looked clear and blue when we started to walk. Suddenly, when we were halfway down the beach the sky started to turn gray and it began to pour down. We all ran to get away from the rain but the more we ran the more we got wet. Finally, after a few minutes the sky cleared up again and the sun came up. It was pretty weird to see how fast the weather could change. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I still had an amazing time in Newcastle, it was a very pretty town to explore.


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