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Botanic Gardens

I loved exploring the Botanic Gardens because they were very peaceful and beautiful. We walked all throughout the gardens and took lots of pictures.  If you love roses, I recommend that you visit the rose garden. The roses are really big, plump, and they smell lovely.


It is highly recommended that you take a tour of the Belfast Murals painted by Catholics (Nationalist) and Protestants (Unionist). You will learn a lot about the history of Belfast and view the colorful murals of the vibrant city.

Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Stormont is one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in Northern Ireland. The architect who designed this amazing building was knighted by none other than King George V. The building is 365 ft wide, which represents one foot for every day of the year. There are six floors and six pillars at the entrance to represent each county in Northern Ireland. Moreover, in Stormont, the highlight of my day was meeting with Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. He was very humble and I loved that he took time to meet with us.

St. George’s Market

If you are visiting Belfast you need to go to the St. George’s Market because it is one of the best markets in the UK and Ireland.  When we first arrived at the market, many shops were just opening so we just walked around. We all had a crepe and we got to see how they made it right in front of us. We also bought a cup of tea and it was all very delicious! I saw a lot of pretty and unique jewelry and I even bought some for myself. It was a really awesome experience to go into the market because it was full of culture.

The Titanic Belfast Museum

Did you know that Belfast was the birthplace of the Titanic? The Titanic museum is a very modern and innovative museum and it opened in March, 2012. The museum has hands-on displays, underwater exploration theater and re-created decks/cabins. My favorite part was when we rode a little cart inside the museum that took us around while while showing us how the Titanic was built. Everything inside the museum was very impressive! I also enjoyed seeing the distinctive rooms and the different levels of the Titanic ship. I learned a lot of new facts about the Titanic that I didn’t know before. So, if you are a fan of the Titanic, this is a great museum to explore!

Belfast City Hall

You can take a free tour of Belfast City Hall. The inside of the building has a classical Renaissance design. You will notice that marble is used extensively all throughout the building and there are a lot of beautiful stained glass windows. This is a place you don’t want to miss to take stunning pictures!


There are two bars that I recommend in Belfast. The first one is The Botanic Inn (also known as the The Bot) because they are the biggest bar in Northern Ireland. Since this bar was very close to where we were staying at, we went there almost every single night and we always had a great time. Plus, the bottles from where they serve your drink are pretty cool!

The second bar that I recommend is Filthy Quarter. This place is really awesome because it has four different bars inside, so if you get bored of one bar all you have to do is walk right across into another new bar. These are the four different bars in the Filthy Quarter:

  • Filthy McNastys
  • The Secret Garden
  • Filthy Chic
  • The Gypsy Lounge

Do you have other recommendations of things to do in Belfast?




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  3. Beautiful images of the Parliament building! What were some of the Irish food staples you found at the St. Georges market? Ireland is probably going to be one of my next UK destinations — soon, since it’s fairly cheap and easy to get there! Will have to keep some of your recommended bars in mind :).



    • Thank you Greig! When we went to the market they had many varieties of food from pastries, vegetables, and loafs of breads. We arrived to the market very early when they were just opening many of the booths and food stands so we just tried a crepe and we had a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea. Those two bars are really great! I hope you enjoy them when you go.


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