As we left Northern Ireland and traveled back to the Republic of Ireland we stopped at the monastery of Clonmacnoise. The monastery is very pretty and the landscape is spectacular since its right next to the Shannon river. I found a little pathway that takes you to the river while I was taking pictures of the monastery. It was very peaceful to walk along the riverbank because the view was breathtaking. Everything around me was very green and lush.

The monastery has a center where you can see different exhibits describing the history of Clonmacnoise and the area. I learned that the strategic location of the monastery helped it become a major center of religion, learning, and craftsmanship. Moreover, many of the high kings of Tara were buried here. There is also an original stone cross inside the center. We watched a documentary in the theater that talked about the history of the monastery and how people used to live there before.

High Cross

High Cross

After leaving the monastery, we headed to the town of Cashel, where we stayed for two days. There will be more information about the town of Cashel on my upcoming post.



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