Cuernavaca is know as the “The City of the Eternal Spring” because the temperature is always around 70 degrees. It is an hour drive away from Mexico City. The city is very modern but as you walk through the streets you will see many colorful colonial houses and buildings. There are also many beautiful gardens all throughout the city.


We visited this beautiful place on our way to Taxco. On our brief stop we walked through the Zocalo of Cuernavaca, saw the Palace of Hernan Cortes, and visited the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Cuernavaca

This cathedral is unique in that it does not face the city’s main square like  many cathedrals in Mexico do. Instead, it is located just to the south of the city in its own sealed space. The walls inside the cathedral contain seventeenth century paintings.

 The Palace of Hernan Cortes

This was the former home of Hernan Cortes. It is now the Cauhnáhuac Museum and preserves the state’s history.


The Zocalo of Cuernava

Walking through the Zocalo of Cuernavaca you will see a a lot of street vendors selling delicious snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

Have you visited Cuernavaca? If yes, what other places do you recommend? If no, what are you waiting for? Go now.



  1. Never heard of this city but it’s nice to learn about another unique spot in Mexico aside from the typical touristy destinations. I really like the sound of name…Cuernavaca, even though I’m curious as to what the name is referring to, along the lines of a Bulls Horn.



    • Hello Greig,
      I feel like there are many blogs out there about the typical tourist destinations in Mexico. But I haven’t seen a lot of the central part of the country. Mexico has a rich culture and beautiful cities that is why I want others to experience it.

      The name “Cuernavaca” is derived from the Nahuatl phrase “Cuauhnāhuac” and means “surrounded by or close to trees”.


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